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Perches for your Parakeet

Natural wooden branches make ideal perches for your budgie because they offer a variation in size and shape which exercises more of the muscles within the foot and keeps the pressure from always being in the same spot. Typically, perches should range between 3/8" to 3/4" for a comfortable fit, however offering a variety of sizes and shapes will ensure that your budgie gets the exercise he needs for his feet.

Rope perches can be easily washed and kept clean and birds love how they feel. Keep an eye out for any fraying as this can be dangerous if they get their toes caught or swallow the loose string.

Wooden dowels
from untreated wood can also be used, however keep these to a minimum since they don't offer the necessary variation in size.

Providing a Mineral perch (also concrete or cement) will help keep your parakeet's nails and beak groomed so that they don't get overgrown. Make sure your bird has other wooden or rope perches to stand on because a mineral perch alone would be too rough on their feet. Avoid the sandpaper perches which are abrasive and can cause problems for some birds.

Making your own perches

Creating your own custom perches from trees can be fun, giving you an opportunity to find unique shapes and sizes. It is important to avoid branches from trees that are considered toxic for birds and ones that have been sprayed with pesticides or insecticides. Manzanita is a popular wood used for perches. Beech, Birch, Popular and Elm are also considered safe. Branches should be thoroughly cleaned before putting them into the cage. Scrub them well with hot water and place them in the oven at 225º for 20 minutes, watching closely to prevent fire. See Resources below for more information.

Use untreated cotton rope to make your own rope perch. Discard them if they begin to fray as your bird's toenails can get caught and cause injuries to their feet or legs.

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